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Monday, December 09, 2013

Elf and the class pet Bee-Bee!

So the goose was sent home with the class pet yesterday.  We had made no plans and did not know what to do with him exactly.  I figured that if we were going to have the class pet lets go wild doing cool stuff. First which was already planned we went to the Trans Siberian orchestra concert and left Bee-Bee in the car so that he would not get lost.

Photo: On our way to Trans-Siberian orchestra with bee bee Gooses class pet!
We had a blast at the concert.  If they come to your area it is a must see.
Photo: Day six with the class pet bee bee!!!!
Luigi and Bee-Bee were playing bobbin' bumblebee's...I set it up on the table the night before took the picture and during the night the dog came by and grabbed bee from the table.  The poor little fellow lost an eye and had some puncture wounds in his head.  Terrified what the teacher would say when goose brought back the class pet in such condition I quickly found and ordered a new one on Amazon.  Note to self never trust your dog.
Photo: We gre candy canes...his good behavior is helping them grow!!! Seems like better than the elf! Today is day four and one popped out!
Along with them playing the game Luigi brought a note with grow your own candy canes.  Inside the box I placed rice some snow and glitter and some sixlets the same colors that the candy canes were going to be.  Then we planted them make sure you count them before so you know how many you have ahead of time. 
I bought two boxes on candy canes.  One at a time I broke off little pieces and put the unbroken end in the snow.  If I caught him doing something nice they candy canes would grow. Little by little his behavior helped them grow.  Today was day four and he woke up to a full sized candy cane.  I didn't remove the wrapper and he said mom why does this one have a wrapper? 
 Damn kid is too smart for his own good!
I think if all the candy canes grew at the same time we would not be motivated by behavior.  This way he has to be good over a number of days. 
It's great to see a child actually believe that candy canes can grow in plastic snow due to good behavior.  Ahhhh to be a child again!
Here is some pictures I forgot to post about the elf.  Day two and three!
Photo: DAY TWO...Luigi brought a tooth brush and toothpaste for goose! Can't wait to see him see this in the morning...I think I'm having more fun with the elf than he is. :-)
Photo: "Ligui" roasting marshmallows with his fellow soldiers!
Check back later this week for more elf ideas and a lesson on the Night Tree by Eva Bunting!
Friday, December 06, 2013

The elf can help learn too!

Here is Luigi helping Gooser practice his sight words and brought him a special elf pancake breakfast.
{Please note I did change the site name then changed it back}
Luigi left Gooser elf pancake mix and a note with his sight words from the list he obtained from school. 

The mini elf pancakes...I just dropped small little drops through a pastry bag and sprinkled them with sprinkles.  He was able to eat these after he found and read all the sight words correctly.  Which he did!!!!
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

"Luigi" waiting in the ice box!

Brrrr....if Gooser makes it to green tomorrow on the behavior chart at school "Luigi" will be waiting for him with a cold scoop of ice cream and rainbow sprinkles. I purchased the free ice cream card at Dollar General in a 5 pack of assorted treat cards.
Here is Luigi the elf on the shelf waiting for Gooser to come home with a good report from Kindergarten. Luigi is waiting in the ice box with fudge brownie ice cream and rainbow sprinkles.   I made the scarf from a ripped bow and the ear muffs from a paper clip and the rest of the bow cut in circles. then taped on as well as the mittens. 

Check back soon for more elf on a shelf ideas everyday this week.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Seuss Week!

Happy Seuss-tastical Week!
We started homeschooling this week!
I left my job working with autistic children to stay home and prepare my little Gooser for Kindergarten and it's the perfect time to do some bonding before he heads on the the big kids school bus in a couple short months! Where has the time gone?
I know from his previous schoolwork that he needed help with writing.  So we started there. He was not that excited about this.

We then did some math.  I got this great puzzle at the dollar store. He told me he can count to 10 so why does he need to count to 7 and 3 if he knows how to count to 10?  Ahhh smarty pants kids!

One of the best and "funnest" activities we have.  Muffin Tin Lunch! I have been so far out of the game with this I forgot how to be creative.  Plus I only had about 2 day to prepare which is NOTHING! I need at least a week of sketches and planning. ;-)
We did a LORAX Lunch!
Grickle Grass- lettuce and ranch
Lorax Mustache Milk
Truffla Trees- cotton candy on straws
Lorax- Cheese sandwich with candy eyes
Truffla seeds - nerds
Carrots and dip (they were orange)
Humming fish- goldfish crackers
Next week's 50's theme is already in sketch form!
Check out the other creative lunches at

2 Teaching Mommies had these great printables for the Lorax theme.

Truffla tree size match up

Lorax Spelling letter match
We were at the grocery store after I printed these and thought CHEEZIT!
 They are the perfect size for this print out!

Truffla Tree Mazes

Gold Fish Graphing
(alot of goldfish were consumed while we completed this project)

Goose is really into helping in the kitchen. 
He helped me make his cheese sandwich.
What little boy doesn't love SCIENCE?
He is obssessed with anything science. I found these great kits again at the dollar store (Dollar Tree). You make these crystals grow by placing them in water for an hour or so even though they say in minutes you will have crystals.  ha ha ha. He enjoyed playing with them and they are non toxic and squshy when done forming.  

Until next time have a Seuss-y week!