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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Seuss Week!

Happy Seuss-tastical Week!
We started homeschooling this week!
I left my job working with autistic children to stay home and prepare my little Gooser for Kindergarten and it's the perfect time to do some bonding before he heads on the the big kids school bus in a couple short months! Where has the time gone?
I know from his previous schoolwork that he needed help with writing.  So we started there. He was not that excited about this.

We then did some math.  I got this great puzzle at the dollar store. He told me he can count to 10 so why does he need to count to 7 and 3 if he knows how to count to 10?  Ahhh smarty pants kids!

One of the best and "funnest" activities we have.  Muffin Tin Lunch! I have been so far out of the game with this I forgot how to be creative.  Plus I only had about 2 day to prepare which is NOTHING! I need at least a week of sketches and planning. ;-)
We did a LORAX Lunch!
Grickle Grass- lettuce and ranch
Lorax Mustache Milk
Truffla Trees- cotton candy on straws
Lorax- Cheese sandwich with candy eyes
Truffla seeds - nerds
Carrots and dip (they were orange)
Humming fish- goldfish crackers
Next week's 50's theme is already in sketch form!
Check out the other creative lunches at

2 Teaching Mommies had these great printables for the Lorax theme.

Truffla tree size match up

Lorax Spelling letter match
We were at the grocery store after I printed these and thought CHEEZIT!
 They are the perfect size for this print out!

Truffla Tree Mazes

Gold Fish Graphing
(alot of goldfish were consumed while we completed this project)

Goose is really into helping in the kitchen. 
He helped me make his cheese sandwich.
What little boy doesn't love SCIENCE?
He is obssessed with anything science. I found these great kits again at the dollar store (Dollar Tree). You make these crystals grow by placing them in water for an hour or so even though they say in minutes you will have crystals.  ha ha ha. He enjoyed playing with them and they are non toxic and squshy when done forming.  

Until next time have a Seuss-y week! 


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