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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs MTM

Well I finally made a muffin tin on Sunday. (Shhhh!) I always am so busy on Monday's I never get home from work till about 6:30pm. It is just too much work! (even for a muffin tin meal)

On to the Tin: I wouldn't say I love this tin, it is okay sometimes it is harder to think of something to do when the book has food in it. Does anyone have that problem too?

The Town was created by searching miniature buildings on ABOUT.COM. They have many buildings on there that you can download or purchase. I also made two signs from the book (Meat Street, and Welcome to Chewandswallow). I just placed them on straws and taped them to the top. The height was created by taking a box of tin foil and placing the "grass" scrapbooking paper over it.

Now for in the tin:

Jello Mountain- I bought these today when I went to the store. I don't know how they work because when I made jello it never fully set but he ate it anyway. ??? I will have to test it out again later. Do you leave the lids on or keep one off???

Giant Meatball

Big Noodles in a Tomato Tornado

Cream cheese and jelly on bread circles

Giant Pancake (thank goodness I make a whole box of mix once a month because I was in no mood to make pancakes. Yup that's right! I take one day a month or every two months and make a hole box of pancakes then place them each in a bag and freeze them. Then just microwave and they come back to life ;) They taste just as good as if you made them that morning. I also put a little mashed banana and syrup in the batter so that it is a bit more moist.

Oreos- mainly because I would want them to fall out of the sky if I had a choice.

Craft: Cloudy With a Chance of Food Falling From The Sky

I just printed out a picture from the book and cut around it. Also I cut food out of the sunday ads so that he could paste them on the paper above the umbrella.

It really came out cute, I will have to post a finished picture.

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  1. I love what you did with the giant foods, your craft and this whole theme!!

    I think you did an awesome job!!

  2. Cute town! Keeping a bag of frozen pancakes or waffles on hand is one of our favorite things to do too.

  3. Lovely tin. For the jelly, make with the small lid on and big one off, when set turn upside down and remove small lid so it slides out easily. I have the same molds. Dunno what the big lids are for, but I use them for doing MTM picnics. :-)

  4. I never thought of putting bananas in the pancake mix. Thanks.

  5. Adorable...what a lot of work went into that!

  6. What is the name of the song/CD/artist RE: "I'm gonna catch you...." that you featured today? My granddaughters heard it and just loved it!

  7. Fun stuff! Love the tin and the pancakes idea! AND the creativity, too!

  8. All I have to say is WOW! What an awesome job on your muffin tin :0)

    BTW I love the songs that play on your page I have to get a Laurie Berkner cd for Emily the song is so cute and we have been working on the days of the week it would go perfectly :0) We already have every Raffi cd. He is a favorite at our house.

  9. Love the picks, and the oversized foods :) cute!

  10. Very cute craft! And good idea about making and freezing the pancakes!

  11. Seriously, so clever and cute!!! I agree, it is tough to come up with something when there is a bunch of food in the story - strange, eh? You sure did a good job!

  12. I absolutely LOVE the little town and the whole thing. You really went all out. Wow I didn't come close. Well yours is great. So I got the pillow from my mom's friend when my daughter was born. I will have my mom ask her where she got it. I just loved it and use it for my little guy too. The other side says Mom it's your turn. But I never have it on that side. (If you know what I mean.) ;)

  13. Very sweet! I love the collage craft and I'll have to look for those small Jello molds. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I like your tin, very creative with the town and signs!!


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