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Sunday, December 06, 2009


We really enjoyed this Muffin Tin Monday...I made Brayden's "Christmas Morning" dinner and Dad made omelets for us. WIN WIN!

I made his breakfast with eggs in a nest but I used a gingerbread cookie cutter instead of ripping a hole in the bread. These are my favorite way to have eggs too! :) I cut up "extra" (other wise go as it didn't go as planned)bread reindeer, snowmen and a christmas tree and placed them with marshmellows. He also had peaches, bacon and a cupcake snowman that we bought at the store this morning for 2.99...ONLY for muffin tin monday! I could have made a dozen for that price but my little goosey is so spoiled! Then he had what was my favorite looking thing on the tray chocolate milk with whipped cream and snowflakes. He hate hot chocolate...go figure! I bought the snowflakes at Rite Aid for 1.99 for about 100 of them to a bag. I figured I would do something with them. Hope you enjoy and I can't wait for next weeks theme. Christmas Stories

The little Present on the table is from my countdown to christmas tree Check it out HERE

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