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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yankee's inspired Muffin Tin Monday

We went to the Yankee's farm team last weekend and I thought that would be a great tin for the Goose.  Funny thing is that the tickets were 10.00 for all three of us and the food, drinks and one beer for hubby was 39.00.  Funny part is that I put this tin together for about 4.00!!!
Of course there is Hotdogs, a baseball and the tickets, cracker jacks, peanuts, milk and a pretzel. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Frog Life Cycle Muffin Tin Monday

Thanks for Hopping on over to Chasing the Goose!  I have not done a Muffin Tin Monday in 2 MONTHS!!! What have I been doing....working, taking care of my Goose and I started Grad School and I am so excited about it.  WOOOO HOOOO!

So I work in a school and we had an end of the year field trip to a park and guess what I brought home yupers...tadpoles.  I have 5 of them and we have been feeding them and watching them grow over the last week.  One of them has their legs developed and the other ones are starting to get leg buds. 

For the "tin" which don't hate me because this is not really a muffin tin lunch at all but how could I resist the water placemat. 

1. Waterplace Mat with a lily pad and hot dog and celery cattails with french onion dip and cheese flower.

2 Frog eggs marshmellows with mini chocolate chips

3. Tadpoles chocolate sauce and a couple gold fish for dipping

4. Apple and carrot Red Eyed Tree Frog.  I like him!  Goose didn't want to eat him--just make him hop which was kinda funny. I took a bite of his "head" and Goose started screaming
 "NO more mom hop froggy hop!"

Then we made frog egg pops 2 kewi's, cup of juice and 2tbs of sugar or honey in the blender and then pour it into paper cups and stick a spoon in it or stick and freeze.
Here is some extra printables:

Our tadpoles * we are remolding the kitchen so don't mind that horriable wall*  ;)