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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Martha has nothing on my Halloween Invites!!!!

Let the Halloween Crafts begin....
So... I took the Goosemonster to Acmoore and Michael's today.  So many cute things I was in Spooky Halloween Heaven. 

 Anyway I came across these and thought they were so cute and since I am having a Kid's Baking Halloween party this month with all the neighbor kids I thought they would be perfect.  BUT not for 24.00, even Martha can't get me to pay that much. 

Here is the 6.99 version!
99 cents for the boxes and took a "sharpie" marker and colored them Got a sheet of 6 save the date stickers for 99 cents

Polymer clay green finger and a print out tied in ribbon.

I really made the finger "yucky"

Trick or Treat smell my feet, come and make something good to eat!

#*#*#*#*'s House

Kids Halloween Bake Party

goblins may arrive at 3 and stay till 5

October 17th 2010

Hope you enjoy!!!! Check back after the 17th for the treats we made.


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