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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letter Themed Muffin Tin Monday

Yah! I am so excited that we started back up with the themes again for Muffin Tin Monday.
 It makes my life somewhat normal to be doing this every monday. 
LOL I love theme weeks!!

So, I spelled out the "Goose's" name: for a mid morning snack.

B-toasted bread with cinnamon sugar
R-raisins on tooth picks
D-cheese slice
E-letter shortbread cookies
N-toast with cream cheese

I hope everyone is looking forward to this fall.
  Hot tip:  The Christmas Tree Shop has loads of cute silicone muffin tins for $1.69 for 6!!!!
Check back next week to see the tin....Oh it is good! LOL


  1. How cute!! I love how this looks. Thanks for letting us know about the Christmas Tree shop, we are not that close to one, but I have been meaning to make a trip there. Now I really have to go :0)

  2. I didn't get the memo on spelling out names. There are several of you who seem to have gotten it. Great tin.

  3. Very fun meal for MTM!!! The Y in the yogurt is very eye-catching. :)

  4. What a fun tin! I need to go check out that silicone liner sale! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Too cute! I need to get some letter cutters! I'm too lazy to do much by hand! :)

  6. Great tin! Love how you made all the letters in his name! Very cute!


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