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Monday, March 08, 2010

Y*E*L*L*O*W Muffin Tin Monday!!!!

After a VERY stressful day at work ... no heat, fighting students and the usually Monday mayham that comes with working in a special needs class I was so tired. I came home from work took an asprin for the pounding headache and popped in a BLUES CLUES video and closed my eyes. Ahhh the joy that 22 minutes of piece and quiet brings. Then it was off to make Muffin Tin Monday.

It is so hard for me to think of such an easy theme, I was wandering around the grocery store trying to find stuff that was YELLOW and most importantly something that the Goose would eat. I knew that I wanted "peeps" and yogurt, the rest just followed. Here's my tin.

1: Milk in a yellow duck cup.
2: Yellow Peeps and golden rasins
3: Hard boiled eggs cut up in quarters ( which he put the whole thing in his mouth at once perhaps next time I will do eights. LOL
4: Golden Fish Filet--yes my son loves fish!!! Too funny Mommy and Daddy don't!
5: Vanilla yogurt which was white and then I added a couple drops of food dye and presto YELLOW! I also got this cute spoon and fork set with different colors it was on clearance at the grocery store. Yah me!
6: Apple Slices

My Goose with yellow flowers that we bought at the store.

Painting with one of those water paint books--I never thought they were as clean as they are. The water color paint books make a mess all over everything but these books are really easy to clean up. I MUST add more to our art station.


  1. My son loves fish too. Love your food choices.

  2. love it! my kids love fish. and as for the peeps. i love them. but only to squish.


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