"NO BAKE" Apple Pie

Last night I was thinking of things to do with Apples hmmmmm.... I was putting away the dishes and moved the paper plates and it hit me Paper Plate Apple Pies!!! I really like how these came out and so did the Goose.

Now here's what you need:

2 paper plates

Something to color the plate brown, (crayon, paint or this bingo markers that the goose is in love with)

Red construction paper or tissue paper ( oriental trading has them cut already for you for a really cheap price)

Cinnamon and or nutmeg


String or ribbon ( I left the string long so we could hang it in the kitchen.

hole punch

Directions: Take the two paper plates and hole punch them, ( Hint make a mark of where they line up because you will have a hard time finding the way the holes line up or save till end. ;) Then crumble paper and paste on bottom "crust". I cut holes in the top so it looks more like a pie, just fold "crust" like you would cut out a snowflake. Paint top and apply extra glue to "apple pie filling" and sprinkle with cinnamon mixture and string them together. Enjoy!!

Shaking on the cinnamon mixture.

Smelling the cinnamon and nutmeg! Yummy!

Putting the Apple Pie together.


  1. I love this what a wonderful idea!

  2. This is great!!! I will have to try this with my girls soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are adorable.

  4. What a great idea! Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities of paper plate pies!

  5. I need a pie for a Halloween costume (character from Pushing Daisies) and I was having trouble deciding how to do it. I don't want to carry around a baked pie (that could get messy), or a frozen pie, and I don't know where to find plastic pies.

    This will be perfect, though! I can't wait to make a paper plate pie later this week. thanks for sharing your crafty wisdom!

  6. Love the paper plate pie. What a great addition to the craft area.

  7. Awesome idea! now i have a great project to do with my sister for thanksgiving. :)

  8. Thanks what a cute idea! I will make with my preschool class it is a perfect addition to our Apple Theme!

  9. This is a good way to use any spare paper plates. It's easy and works well. Thanks.


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